PACE Awards


Due to the pandemic, our Board of Directors has decided to hold a Virtual Industry Celebration in place of our annual PACE Awards. We will resume with PACE Awards in 2022.

ILEA Indiana wants to celebrate the people and the stories that make our industry!
Join us, Tuesday, April 27th, as we showcase our incredible members and industry friends! We will be starting off the evening from 4:30pm - 5:00pm with a pre-show networking cocktail hour! Then at 5:00pm, join us for a Zoom watch party of the ECAP Celebration video. This event is complimentary to anyone and for those who register by Friday, April 16th will receive a free goodie bag to enjoy and celebrate!

Have a vendor or event you want to highlight from 2020 in our ECAP video? We will be accepting submissions from all event industry members until April 16th You can highlight a company, specific vendor or an event that you feel truly shows the resiliency and perseverance our industry exhibited. Please include photos and/or video if you can! 

click here to submit your story to ECAP!

During ECAP, we will also be recognition our chapter with the following Individual Recognition Awards. These awards are special because they are a peer-driven celebration of the exemplary professionals, we know and work with, year after year! 

ILEA Indiana Rising Star
Carson Ray, Spirit of ILEA Award
ILEA Indiana Lifetime Achievement
President's Award

For more information on the requirements for these awards and to nominate a current member in good standing of ILEA Indiana. If you have questions about the process or run into problems, 
please send an email to

Need a delicious homemade cocktail?

Watermelon Mojito with Mint Simple Syrup

We like big cocktails-our glass held about 14 oz!

1.5-2 oz. white rum  (we used Bacoo white rum)  
1.5 oz. mint simple syrup, chilled 
1 oz. fresh lime juice
1 oz. fresh watermelon juice, chilled  
3 Fresh mint leaves
Top with chilled club soda-approximately 3 oz. 
Optional watermelon wedge garnish

Fill glass with ice.  Bruise 3 fresh mint leave lightly by pressing them in your hand (this helps release the essential oils).  Add rum, simple syrup, watermelon juice, lime juice and then stir gently.   Top with club soda and stir lightly.

This recipe serves as a starting point.  If you like things sweeter add more juice or simple syrup.  2 oz. of rum a little strong?  Feel free to go with a lighter pour.   Want something crisper?  Add a little more club soda.  It’s a cocktail-have fun with it!  Feel free to substitute juice, puree or strawberry, cherry, cucumber, raspberry, dragon fruit-whatever you like!  Frozen fruit works great, too!

Alternatively, substitute a portion of the rum for your favorite fruit flavored liqueur.   We love Rothman & Winter Orchard Cherry to lend a great cherry flavor to things like mojitos, mules, and margaritas.

Mint Simple Syrup

Simple syrup is usually made with equal parts sugar and water.   It’s great to keep on hand for iced tea or any cocktail that needs sweetened.   Keeps for about 1 week in refrigerator.  For this recipe, we added fresh mint to make a mint simple syrup.  

1 cup water
1 cup sugar
1 package fresh mint

In a saucepan, bring water to light boil.   Wash fresh mint.   Bruise mint leaves and stems lightly but crushing with rolling pin, meat mallet, or anything you have handy.   Stir in sugar until dissolved, and remove pan from heat.   Toss in mint and let steep for at least 15 minutes.   After, use wire strainer to strain mint from syrup.  Chill in fridge before use.   Keep refrigerated.  Keeps for up to 1 week.

Fresh Juices/Fresh fruit
Fresh juices make all the difference in your cocktail!  If you have a juicer, it makes easy work of juicing fruits like watermelon, strawberry or even cocktail-friendly veggies like cucumber.    Alternative, you can use a blender to puree fresh or frozen fruit with a little water and then use a wire mesh strainer to strain.   Stores like Fresh Thyme, Fresh Market, Whole Foods and Market District often carry cocktail-friendly fresh-squeezed juices like watermelon, blood orange, tangerine or others.  Or if you really need a cocktail like *right now* (and who doesn’t have those days?) you can muddle a few pieces of fruit in your glass before building your cocktail. 

Sparkling Waters
Use whatever sparkling water you love or have on hand, but we love Topo Chico sparkling water as it stays fizzy.  We also love Fever Tree!


Congratulations 2020 PACE Award Recipients
It was a fantastic night honoring the best industry professionals.
Congrats to all of our Nominees and Winners.

We appreciate all you do for our industry and are glad you are being honored for your accomplishments!


 Thank you to our 2020 Sponsors
of the Virtual ILEA Indiana PACE Awards:

Digital Streaming and Production: NBE Event Group



hat does PACE stand for?
Professional Achievement in Creative Events

The mission of the ILEA Indiana Chapter PACE Awards is to provide a prestigious event
that honors and shares the work of Industry Professionals.
The PACE Awards aim to recognize professionals in the Special Event Industry
for all of the events they create, plan, manage and execute during the year.

Why should I enter the ILEA Indiana PACE Awards?
The ILEA Indiana PACE Awards are designed to acknowledge the talent and successes
of our members and event professionals across the state of Indiana.
By entering the ILEA Indiana PACE Awards, you are able to demonstrate
the high caliber of work from you and your company.
This is your opportunity to highlight your hard work to other professionals and potential clients.
It is an excellent promotional strategy to be able to tout that your company is “award-winning!”

Click the link above for the online submission process and list of all award categories.
Member Companies will receive one complimentary entry and $75 per Entry after first entry
Non-Members can now enter for $150 per entry!

Click the link above for the contest rules and answers to frequently asked questions.

Click the link above to register you and friends for the biggest event of the year!

ILEA Indiana is proud to honor our members
with Individual Recognition Awards at our annual PACE Awards event.
These awards are special because they are a peer-driven celebration
of the exemplary professionals, we know and work with, year after year! 

If you have questions about the process or run into problems,
please send an email to