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Monday Member Spotlight!

Samantha Soper, wedding designer for JP Parker Flowers had been in the horticultural industry for five years and the event industry for almost two. Her favorite tool is Excel. She uses it for everything! For example, proposals, ordering product, lists, and more. She joined ILEA to build connections and confidence in the events industry. Since she's newer to the scene it has been a great place to find friends and network. Her favorite memory is the Event Wars, as she states, "Had a blast at the Event Wars working with Rachel Schumacher from Accent Indy to take the win!" She advices the best way to utilize our ILEA membership is, "Just come to the events. Even if you think you're awkward or don't know anyone, we want to get to know you! And we are all silly weirdos too, so you'll fit in great!"


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